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The Battle of Projects

Annual International Student Academic Projects Competition
By Association of Designers of India

Extended deadline for entries : 10th January

ONLY THE WINNERS will be notified via mail after the 2nd Level(Final) Jury is complete. Awards show will happen at Pune Design Festival 2024 – 1st and 2nd March. 

Participation in this competition also serves as an entry into the Taiwan International Students Design Competition. Subject to the Terms & Conditions.

Entry Fees

We believe in fostering creativity and recognizing outstanding student achievements. To facilitate the submission process and ensure the sustainability of our awards program, there is a nominal entry fee of Rs. 590/-(Including GST) for each project entry.

Payment Process

  1. Submission: After submitting your entry successfully, you will receive a confirmation email containing important details about your submission.

  2. Payment Link: In the confirmation email, you will find a secure payment link to complete the entry fee payment process.

  3. Payment Submission: Click on the provided payment link, and you will be directed to a secure payment gateway. Follow the instructions to complete the payment transaction.

  4. Send Screenshot: As a final step, please take a screenshot of the payment confirmation and send it to admin@adiawards.org. This will help us cross-verify your payment and ensure a seamless entry process.

Your commitment to excellence is highly appreciated, and we look forward to celebrating your innovative contributions in The Battle of Projects 2024.

Thank you for being a part of the creative community!

Award Categories

Craft Base Design

Design that utilises craft based practices, materials and techniques.

Graphic Design

Design of and with visual elements.

User Interface Design

Design of interactive elements for usability.

Packaging Design

Designing of solutions to hold, position and carry products and materials.

Mobility Design

Design of solutions that able mobility of people and goods.

Lifestyle Design

Design of accessories and stylistic products to enhance lifestyle.

Experimental Space Design

Design of architectural spaces with a sense for experimental experience.

Design for Social Impact

Design that create a impact on lives and existence of planet earth.

Industrial Design

Design of physical products.

Furniture Design

Design of everyday movable utility structures.

Film & Animation Design

Designing for story telling by motion pictures and motion graphics.


Before submitting your project, please take a moment to review the submission rules on our website to ensure compliance. Familiarizing yourself with these guidelines will enhance your submission experience and increase your chances of success.